BioX Anti-Fraud Policy

Biologix Insurance Captive Anti-Fraud Policy Statement

Known or suspected fraudulent activities involving Biologix Insurance Captive (“BioX”) should be reported to an Officer of the Board of Managers or to the Executive Director (listed below). BioX is 100% committed to the process of identifying and eliminating fraud and will exercise its best efforts to

  1. Identify potential sources of fraudulent acts, both internal and external,
  2. Establish policies and procedures designed to reduce the occurrence of fraudulent acts,

Any reports made by individuals concerning actual or potential fraudulent acts arising from the operations of BioX will be confidential. The identity of the individual making such reports will not be disclosed except as required by law or by a court or regulatory body having jurisdiction over any investigation into the alleged fraudulent activity.

Known or suspected fraudulent activities involving BioX should be reported to one of the individuals listed below:

Contact Information for Fraud Reporting

BioX Chair

Mark Tabler

MST Advisory Group

Phone: 812-371-7735

BioX Secretary

Laurie Dennee

The Community Blood Center, Inc.

4406 W Spencer St, Appleton, WI 54914

BioX Treasurer

Debbie Carper

MEDIC Regional Blood Center

1601 Ailor Avenue, Knoxville TN 37921

BioX Executive Director and President

Eric Blomfelt

PO Box 1197, Belfair WA 98528

Phone: 303-800-8177