About BioX

What is BioX?

BioX is a captive insurance company, domiciled and licensed in the District of Columbia, formed and owned by independent blood centers. BioX was formed to provide blood centers a cost-effective workers’ compensation insurance solution.

Why BioX


BioX policyholders may also become owners with the ability to enjoy a return on investment, sharing in both profits and cash distributions.

Risk Management Benefits

BioX policyholders have access to unique risk management tools specifically designed for blood centers.

Stability of Cost and Limit Capacity

BioX is designed to provide a reliable source of insurance coverage to blood centers, regardless of commercial market conditions. This improves our members’ budgetary stability.

Claims Management Capabilities

Gallagher Bassett provides clinical and industry expertise in worker’s compensation claims management.

Who’s Who

BioX Consultants

BioX has contracted with insurance and risk management consultants who handle the day to day operations of our company. Each of these brings us an expertise in managing liability programs for blood centers.

Executive Director

Eric Blomfelt, JD, CPCU, ARM – serves as Executive Director and President/CEO. Mr. Blomfelt has extensive insurance and risk management experience including being the executive director of an association of risk managers and working with workers’ compensation coverage. If you have any questions about the program, you may always contact the BioX Executive Director Eric Blomfelt.

Eric Blomfelt
Office: (303) 800-8177
Mobile: (720) 259-2486
Email: eblomfelt@gmail.com

Underwriting and Policy Servicing

Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. – Lorraine Lewis has over 25 years’ experience in working with liability insurance programs, including working directly with blood centers. Lorraine and her team at Alliant manages policy services, marketing, reinsurance and other policy administration matters.

Lorraine Lewis
Phone: (832) 485-4070
Cell: (832) 563-3445
Email: llewis@alliant.com

Amber Breaux
Phone: (713) 470 4123
Email: abreaux@alliant.com

Claims Administration

Gallagher Bassett – The team at Gallagher Bassett has extensive experience in the administration of workers’ compensation claims. Gallagher Bassett will administer receipt of incidents and claims, updating of claim information, reviews with blood centers, etc. Gallagher Bassett also investigates and manages settlements as necessary and coordinates with local legal counsel.

For assistance with incidents or claims, please contact Elainmarie Toy at Elainmarie_Toy@gbtpa.com or 630-228-6382.

Captive Manager

MCM CPAs & Advisors – MCM is the captive manager for BioX, handling general program management and regulatory/accounting matters.

MCM CPAs & Advisors
Attn: BCx/BioX
2600 Meidinger Tower
462 S. 4th Street
Louisville, KY 40202

Todd Rosenbaum
Phone (502) 882-4459
Email: todd.rosenbaum@mcmcpa.com

Chrisy Colvin-Slusher
Phone (502) 882-4500
Email: Chrisy.Colvin-Slusher@mcmcpa.com

Board of Managers

While the day to day operations of BioX are conducted by insurance professionals, operational oversight is provided by the Board of Managers, the majority of whom are blood center executives. BioX administrative practices and operating decisions are made with Board approval. Our administrators serve in an advisory capacity to assure consistency with regulatory requirements and insurance industry norms.

Board Members

Mark Tabler, Chair; Innovative Physician Solutions
Laurie Dennee, Secretary; The Community Blood Center, Inc. (Appleton)
Debbie Carper, Treasurer; MEDIC Regional Blood Center
Connie Foland; Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center
Maria Brcka; LifeServe Blood Center
Darren Klocke; Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center
Don Hall; the Blood Connection
Suzy Carnecchia; Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank
Nicole Koblesky; Rock River Valley Blood Center