Why BCx


To benefit our members, BCx will provide a stable and cost-effective source of appropriate insurance and risk management services.


As a premier insurance company focused on blood, organ and tissue facilities, we will protect and support our members in their pursuit of business excellence.

Strategic Initiatives

  1. We will lead the industry in underwriting insurance for community blood centers.
  2. We will provide superior claims management services and help our Members to maximize the benefits of their risk assessment and loss control efforts.
  3. We will provide our Members rates that are stable and cost-effective over the long term.
  4. We will continuously improve our products and services to meet the evolving needs of our Members and their affiliated organizations.
  5. We will provide transparency by annually developing and communicating our goals in customer satisfaction, process efficiency, financial performance and growth innovation.


BCx policyholders are its owners who enjoy a return on investment, sharing in both profits and cash distributions.

Risk Management Benefits

BCx policyholders have access to our exclusive two-day risk management conference and to unique risk management tools specifically designed for blood centers, including both on-site and virtual risk assessments.

Stability of Cost

BCx is designed to provide a reliable source of insurance coverage to blood centers, regardless of commercial market conditions in order to help improve our member’s budgetary stability.

Claims Management Capabilities

Gallagher Bassett Specialty (“GBS”) (fka Western Litigation) has expertise with significant clinical and industry expertise. GBS' nationwide presence provides it with exposure to the most current trends in the healthcare professional liability marketplace and allows it to leverage litigation services for its clients.

GBS is available, by telephone, to provide both advice and reasonable investigative services for owner/insureds (e.g. locating previous donors) regardless of whether the issue relates to a potential BCx claim.

GBS works with you to maintain donor relations and case management. Currently, if you have a situation with an unhappy donor or the possibility of a lawsuit, what do you do? With BCx, you call us to do the work so you can focus on what you do best!

Insurance and Risk Consulting

In addition to managing our daily operations, BCx provides non-legal advising services to owner/insureds on items such as:

  • Contractual language in hospital agreements, testing agreements and leases.
  • The BCx policy coverage form and how it relates to blood center operations.
  • How the BCx coverage ties in with other insurance purchased by your blood center.

Deductible Costs

Gallagher Bassett Specialty's services include helping our members manage claims within their deductible. What happens when you have a claim below your deductible? What happens during the initial period of the claim before your deductible is met?

The BCx owner/insureds often find that BCx helps to settle claims faster and at a lower cost.

Management of Legal Expenses

On many occasions Members find that their legal defense costs are reduced as BCx works to bring the majority of matters to a resolution directly with the attorneys or through mediation.

When an attorney needs to be hired or outside investigation is needed, these expenses are charged against your deductible. BCx believes that our efforts to reduce these expenses are a large part of why our program is so successful.

BCx strives to develop a relationship with defense attorneys of your choosing. Where possible, BCx will seek to honor your request to use your own attorney.

Risk Management Programs

Does your current insurance company specialize in insuring the risks of your industry? Does it conduct risk management seminars and provide other risk management services specific to your blood center operations?

A goal of the BCx Risk Management Program is to reduce claim frequency and severity for our owners/ insureds.

Since its inception, BCx has paid out approximately 28% of our gross premiums to third party claimants. That success rate has been reflected in stable insurance premium rates, Member profit returns and increased program assets benefiting owner/insureds.