Who's Who

BCx Consultants

BCx has contracted with insurance and risk management consultants who handle the day to day operations of our company. Each of these brings us an expertise in managing liability programs for blood centers.

Executive Director

Eric Blomfelt, JD, CPCU, ARM – serves as Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Blomfelt has extensive insurance and risk management experience including being the executive director of an association of risk managers and working with risk retention groups.

If you have any questions about the program, you may contact the BCx Executive Director, Eric Blomfelt.

Office: (303) 800-8177
Mobile: (720) 259-2486
Email: eblomfelt@gmail.com

Underwriting and Policy Servicing

Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. – Lorraine Lewis has over 20 year's experience in working with liability insurance programs, including working directly with blood centers. Lorraine and her team at Alliant manages daily underwriting, policy services, marketing, reinsurance and other policy administration matters.

Lorraine Lewis

5444 Westheimer, Suite 900
Houston, TX 77056

Phone: (832) 485-4070
Cell: (832) 563-3445
Email: llewis@alliant.com

Services Provided by Alliant Include

  • New and renewal business information processing
  • Mid-term underwriting questionnaire and member coverage surveys
  • Annual FDA 3356 reports
  • FDA 483 review
  • Individual member coverage questions
  • Issuing certificates of insurance
  • Processing policy renewals
  • Processing policy endorsements and updates
  • Premium audits
  • Hospital requests for data

For assistance with any of these matters, please contact Amber Breaux via email (abreaux@alliant.com), phone (713-470-4123).

Claims Administration

Western Litigation ("WLI") – The team at WLI has significant experience in the administration of medical professional and general liability claims, including blood center specific liability claims. WLI will administer receipt of incidents and claims, updating of Genesis claim information, reviews with blood centers, etc. WLI also Investigates and manages settlements as necessary and coordinates with local legal counsel.

For assistance with incidents or claims, please contact Kathryn A. Fenelon Kathryn_Fenelon@westernlitigation.com Phone/Fax (713) 935-2414 / (713) 243-7305 or Robert B. Blasio robert._blasio@westernlitigation.com Phone/Fax (713) 935-2400 / (713) 722-1603, Mobile (713) 824-1976

Genesis Claims: Denise Greene at Denise_Greene@westernlitigation.com or (713) 935-2412 / Fax (713) 722-1603

Claims Checks/Accounting: Paula Prestridge at paula_prestridge@westernlitigation.com, Phone/Fax (713) 935-2444 / (713) 243-7374

Western Litigation, Inc. ("WLI" )
Houston, Texas - Administrative Office

1900 W. Loop South, Suite 1500
Houston, TX 77027

Phone: (800) 588-0619

Services Provided by WLI Include

  • Third party claims administrator for BCx
  • Administers insured’s reporting of incidents
  • Notification of potential claim events and member coverage surveys
  • Consultation to insured’s on incidents/claims
  • Coordinate with insured’s designated claims representative
  • Tracking and update assistance with Genesis
  • MMSEA 111 (CMS) reporting
  • Guidance on coverage questions
  • Maintains/Updates Genesis Claims System

BCx, Claims Adjuster & MMSEA 111 Reporting

Kathryn Fenelon
Claims Counsel
Phone: (713) 935-2414
Fax (713) 243-7305
Email: kathryn_fenelon@westernlitigation.com

Financial Consulting

MCM CPAs & Advisors – MCM performs our overall program management and prepares quarterly and annual financial regulatory filings and accounting, and handles day to day administrative matters of BCx. For assistance, please contact Chrisy Colvin-Slusher at Chrisy.Colvin-Slusher@mcmcpa.com, Phone (502-882-4500) or Todd Rosenbaum at todd.rosenbaum@mcmcpa.com. Phone: (502) 882-4459.

2600 Meidinger Tower, 462 S. 4th Street
Louisville, KY 40202

Services Provided by MCM include

  • Accounting for Members’ Balances (Contributed Surplus, Surplus Notes, Debentures etc.)
  • Members’ financial balance information
  • BCx audited statements and annual reports
  • Member auditor requests for information
  • Member governance documents
  • Access to the BCx web site
  • Contract reviews
  • Committee meeting coordination
  • Questions on Risk Management Seminar
  • All other general BCx matters/questions

General Counsel

McDermott Will & Emery – Provides general counsel legal support other than claims defense work.

Reinsurance Brokers LLC

Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.– Manages the BCx reinsurance treaty placements and negotiations.

Financial Auditor

Conner-Ash CPA - Prepares annual financial audit and renders audit opinion.


Willis Towers Watson – Provides actuarial services and rate making consulting.

Board Management

While the day to day operations of BCx are conducted by insurance professionals, the strategic planning operational oversight is provided by the Board of Directors, the vast majority of whom are blood center executives. BCx administrative practices and operating decisions are made with Board involvement. Our administrators serve in an advisory capacity to assure consistency with insurance industry norms. Committees of the Board assist in shaping and implementing Board decisions and formulating the future of BCx.

Board Members

  • Lee Ann Weitekamp, MD, Chair; Michigan Blood
  • John Hagins, Vice Chair; The Community Blood Center, Inc.
  • Jim Decker, Treasurer; Medic, Inc.
  • Marshall Cothran; Secretary, Central TX Regional Blood & Tissue
  • Dan Waxman, MD; Central Indiana Regional Blood Center, Inc.
  • Mark Tabler, IN Resident; Innovative Physician Solutions
  • Eric Eaton; Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center
  • Cheryl Ritter; LifeServe Blood Center
  • Nancy Perez, Carter BloodCare
  • Diane Carlson, Blood Center of Northcentral Wisconsin

The standing committees are:

Claims Committee – Responsible for advising the BCx Board and Consultants on matters that impact how BCx settles claims. Review claims reports provided by the adjuster.

Information Management Committee – Advise on changes in technology that impact how Members operate.

Governance Committee - Responsible for corporate governance and Board nominations.

Risk Management Committee – Responsible for advising the BCx Board and Consultants on matters that impact how BCx Members avoid claims or minimize their losses. Development of risk management seminar and bulletin. Benchmarking of claims and risk management information.

Audit Committee – Provide oversight to assure that accounting practices utilized are in accordance with government statutes/regulations and "best practices" for BCx. Responsible for advising the BCx Board and consultants on matters that impact the financial strength of the BCx. Review financial statements, investment reports, budgets, financial ratio trends. Owner/insureds are invited to inquire about committee participation.

Executive Committee – Functions on behalf of the Board of Directors.

Underwriting, Rate and Medical Advisory Committee - Advise the Board and Consultants on all underwriting matters including risk exposures, new applicants, member-insured activities and coverage forms for risks underwritten by BCx. Based on financial analysis and actuarial input, makes recommendations to the Board as to which blood center operations we charge premiums, and the respective rate levels. Responsible for advising the BCx Board and Consultants on matters that impact the type of risks underwritten by BCx. Review information about the risks of prospective new members or existing members.